What is MapMoto.com?

MapMoto.com is a community where motocross riders and racers can find tracks in their geographic region, quickly check the weather, get directions and more. Our motocross track directory has the most updated listings of motocross tracks in the United States. Track owners and operators can submit their track to our directory themselves if it's not already added, or claim an existing track.

MapMoto and is currently a full privateer effort. Our goal is to provide the motocross community with a useful and easy to use tool for getting info on their favorite tracks, or finding tracks they may not have even known existed. We're riders and racers, and we developed what we found useful, so hopefully others will too. MapMoto is under development and is currently in the beta stages, so if you've been using the site please be patient while we implement new features, and improve existing ones (remember though, full privateer).


How To Submit a Motocross Track

How To Claim Your Motocross Track

If you own or manage a track on MapMoto, we encourage you to claim the track and manage its page. To do this, simply visit the track page, click the 'Claim Track' button at the top and follow the instructions.